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Airport Transfers:€61 (4 pax)
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The City of Silves lies in the interior of the western part of the Algarve and directly to the north of the town of Lagos. Archaeological vestiges prove that the location has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic period. The River Arade which runs along side the city was very navigable in olden times and linked the area to the ocean and allowing easy transport of produce. The village of Silves was known in Roman times as Cilpes and after 713 when the Moors invaded the Algarve it became part of the Umayyad kingdom of Cordoba in Andalusia with the Arabic name of Shilb. By the 11th century it was a centre of learning and culture and one of the most important towns in the Iberian Peninsular. In 1189 the forces of King Sancho I conquered the town with the aid of Northern European Crusaders but soon lost it again to the Moors The town was finally taken from the Moors in 1242, after the Alentejo and most of the coast had already fallen in 1238. The great mosque was then converted the present Silves Cathedral. In 1491 the town was given to queen Leonora by King Joao. Parts of the Almohad town wall remain and there is the municipal museum with findings from the Palaeolithic period onwards. The crowning glory of the City of Silves is Castle and defending city walls.

A Medieval Fair is held every year in the month of August attracting large crowds. There are many stalls selling craft items, pop-up cafes, bars, and street entertainment, processions, and even jousting on horseback. Many people dress in medieval attire which can be rented on the spot for the evening entertainment. There is an 18-hole Silves Golf Course in the countryside lying to the south-east of the city.

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